A ‘Thorough Examination’ Is a Statutory Requirement if You Own or Operate Any Lifting, Pressure or Lev Equipment.

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A ‘Thorough Examination’ is a statutory requirement if you own or operate any lifting, pressure or LEV equipment. You are required by law to ensure it holds a report of ‘Thorough Examination’.

A report is issued which identifies whether or not your equipment is safe to use, and/or advice that may be needed to avoid risks in use.

Failure to comply can leave you open to prosecution and could invalidate your
insurance, or much worse, cause a serious accident or fatality arising from faulty

A ‘Thorough Examination’ can be likened to an MOT for a car. Just like an MOT a
‘Thorough Examination’ is not part of the maintenance process. It must be reported on separately from your maintenance schedule. We are purely an inspection company and do not carry out maintenance or repairs.

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is a way of controlling and reducing exposure of
workers to dust fumes & vapour which could be hazardous to their health. Failure to carry out a thorough examination of the system to ensure it is operating correctly could lead to serious disease, illness as well as prosecution and compensation claims. Safe Plant engineers are trained to BOHS P601 standards to undertake LEV testing, which complies fully with the HSE standards and regulations.

The Pressure System Safety Regulations state you must have a written scheme of
examination (WSE) before you can legally operate any pressure system. Your pressure system will then require a thorough examination in accordance with the WSE.

Our engineers hold the ASME certificate ‘ In service inspections of pressure systems/ PSSR’s – Plant Inspector 1, which complies fully with the HSE standards and regulations.

Our only priority is to ensure you are legally compliant and your equipment is safe to use.